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18 August 2004 Investigation of organic materials by generalized m-line spectroscopy method
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A generalized m-line spectroscopy method enables evaluation of the parameters (the refractive index, n and the thickness, W) of sub-guiding films deposited on a planar waveguide. A sub-guiding film (not reaching the guiding effect) when deposited on the existing planar waveguide influences the present guiding system and affects its guiding properties. In the method a laser beam is coupling via a prism to the sample and a light distribution decoupled by the same prism is studied. Complementary to the beam spot reflected geometrically from the prism base the light distribution takes a form of discrete lines, m-modes. This image is observed but only for some discrete values of the coupling angles. The refractive index, n and thickness, W of the waveguide are then calculated by numerical evaluation of the dispersion equation with a set of the coupling angles. From the previous and actual coupling angles the thin film parameters can be evaluated. In the paper an application of the generalized m-line spectroscopy method to biological samples is presented. Some initial measurements reveal an effect of the presence of the films on the coupling angles of the structure. The presence of glucose has been revealed in secretions of patients suffering from diabetes. Testing of glucose presence with the proposed method is performed with a trace amount of the patient secretion alike in medical preliminary tests.
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Elzbieta Augusciuk and Marcin Roszko "Investigation of organic materials by generalized m-line spectroscopy method", Proc. SPIE 5451, Integrated Optics and Photonic Integrated Circuits, (18 August 2004);

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