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30 September 2004 The exoplanet hunter HARPS: performance and first results
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HARPS is a new high resolution fibre-fed spectrograph dedicated to the extremely precise measurement of stellar radial velocities. After being used for about one year including the commissioning runs we report a very successful implementation of the measures taken to maximise stability, efficiency and spectral performance. Using the Simultaneous ThAr Reference Method a short term precision of 0.2 m/s during one night and a long term precision of the order of 1 m/s have been achieved. Equipped with a fully automated data reduction pipeline that produces solar system barycentric radial velocities in near real-time, HARPS promises to deliver data of unequalled quality. HARPS will primarily be used for the search for exoplanets and in the field of asteroseismology. First exciting scientific results confirm these expectations.
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