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8 February 2005 Lossy to lossless compressions of hyperspectral images using three-dimensional set partitioning algorithm
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In this paper, we present a three-dimensional (3D) hyperspectral image compression algorithm based on zeroblock coding and wavelet transforms. An efficient Asymmetric 3D wavelet Transform (AT) based on the lifting technique and packet transform is used to reduce redundancies in both the spectral and spatial dimensions. The implementation via 3D integer lifting scheme allows to map integer-to-integer values, enabling lossy and lossless decompression from the same bit stream. To encode these coefficients after Asymmetric 3D wavelet transform, a modified 3DSPECK algorithm - Asymmetric Transform 3D Set Partitioning Embedded bloCK (AT-3DSPECK) is proposed. According to the distribution of energy of the transformed coefficients, the 3DSPECK's 3D set partitioning block algorithm and the 3D octave band partitioning scheme are efficiently combined in the proposed AT-3DSPECK algorithm. Several AVIRIS images are used to evaluate the compression performance. Compared with the JPEG2000, AT-3DSPIHT and 3DSPECK lossless compression techniques, the AT-3DSPECK achieves the best lossless performance. In lossy mode, the AT-3DSPECK algorithm outperforms AT-3DSPIHT and 3DSPECK at all rates. Besides the high compression performance, AT-3DSPECK supports progressive transmission. Clearly, the proposed AT-3DSPECK algorithm is a better candidate than several conventional methods.
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Jiaji Wu, Zhensen Wu, and Chengke Wu "Lossy to lossless compressions of hyperspectral images using three-dimensional set partitioning algorithm", Proc. SPIE 5637, Electronic Imaging and Multimedia Technology IV, (8 February 2005);

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