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18 August 2005 SWAP: an EUV imager for solar monitoring on board of PROBA2
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PROBA2 is an ESA technology demonstration mission to be launched in early 2007. The two primary scientific instruments on board of PROBA2 are SWAP (Sun Watcher using Active Pixel System detector and Image Processing) and the LYRA VUV radiometer. SWAP provides a full disk solar imaging capability with a bandpass filter centred at 17.5 nm (FeIX-XI) and a fast cadence of ≈1 min. The telescope is based on an off-axis Ritchey Chretien design while an extreme ultraviolet (EUV) enhanced APS CMOS will be used as a detector. As the prime goal of the SWAP is solar monitoring and advance warning of Coronal Mass Ejections (CME), on-board intellige nce will be implemented. Image recognition software using experimental algorithms will be used to detect CMEs during the first phase of eruption so the event can be tracked by the spacecraft without huma n intervention. LYRA will monitor solar irradiance in four different VUV passbands with a cadence of up to 100 Hz. The four channels were chosen for their relevance to solar physics, aeronomy and space weather: 115-125 nm (Lyman-α), 200-220 nm Herzberg continuum, the 17-70 nm Aluminium filter channel (that includes the HeII line at 30.4 nm) and the 1-20 nm Zirconium filter channel. On-board calibration sources will monitor the stability of the detectors and the filters throughout the duration of the mission.
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Athanassios C. Katsiyannis, David Berghmans, Jean-Francois Hochedez, Bogdan Nicula, Gareth Lawrence, Jean-Marc Defise, Ali Ben-Moussa, Veronique Delouille, Marie Dominique, Jean-Herve Lecat, W. Schmutz, Armin Theissen, and Vladimir Slemzin "SWAP: an EUV imager for solar monitoring on board of PROBA2", Proc. SPIE 5901, Solar Physics and Space Weather Instrumentation, 59010V (18 August 2005);


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