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10 September 2005 A plane grating with single-layer coating for the sub-nanometer wavelength range
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A diffraction plane grating with single-layer coating able to reach photon energy up to 3 keV (possibly 4 keV) will be adopted at the TwinMic beamline at ELETTRA. The TwinMic beamline will exploit the unique capabilities of the novel twin X-ray microscope, which combines scanning and full-field imaging microscopes in a single multipurpose end-station. The needed moderate energy resolving power will be provided by a variable included angle plane grating monochromator working in a collimated light mode (also known as collimated SX700). This configuration allows freely selection of the incidence and diffraction angles at the grating, therefore permitting, for instance, to optimize its efficiency. This monochromator uses two mechanically ruled gratings to cover a very wide working energy range. The first grating goes from 150 eV to 1000 eV while the second goes from 600 eV to 4 keV. The two gratings were ruled using the CARL ZEISS Grating Ruling Engine GTM6, which is operated under interferometric control. The high-energy plane grating, with a line density of 600 lines/mm, has a triangular profile with a blaze angle of 0.4° and an apex angle of 178°. The grating profile is ruled on a silicon substrate and is covered with a 30 nm thick gold film. The small blaze angle permits one to work in blaze condition at very grazing incidence angles and therefore allows reaching high photon energies not accessible by means of conventional gratings.
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Anna Bianco, Giovanni Sostero, Bruno Nelles, Klaus F. Heidemann, and Daniele Cocco "A plane grating with single-layer coating for the sub-nanometer wavelength range", Proc. SPIE 5918, Laser-Generated, Synchrotron, and Other Laboratory X-Ray and EUV Sources, Optics, and Applications II, 591810 (10 September 2005);

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