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18 August 2005 Photo-response of integrated photonic crystal-photodiode micro-electro-optic filters
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A novel micro-electro-optic filter formed by integrating photonic crystals with photodiodes on a silicon substrate is demonstrated in this paper. P-n diodes were fabricated on a Silicon wafer using standard processes. Reactive ion etching (RIE) was used to form trenches into the diodes to contain and position photonic crystals. The wafer was then immersed vertically into a slowly evaporating colloidal suspension of silica mircrospheres to assemble the photonic crystal over the photodiodes. Spectral measurements using a grating monochrometer confirmed that a dip exists in the photocurrent response of the photonic crystal filter-photodetectors at the predicted wavelength of 600 nm. We performed a series of measurements using several different sphere sizes and light incidence angles to further characterize the filters, and evaluated the use of device as a wavelength selective detector. Since silica has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, the wavelength selective characteristics of the device are expected to be insensitive to ambient temperatures.
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Ying Wang, Jin Hyoung Lee, Tomoko Borsa, Park Wounjhang, and Bart Van Zeghbroeck "Photo-response of integrated photonic crystal-photodiode micro-electro-optic filters", Proc. SPIE 5931, Nanoengineering: Fabrication, Properties, Optics, and Devices II, 59310K (18 August 2005);

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