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18 May 2006 Micro-analytical systems for national security applications
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Sandia National Laboratories has a long tradition of technology development for national security applications. In recent years, significant effort has been focused on micro-analytical systems - handheld, miniature, or portable instruments built around microfabricated components. Many of these systems include microsensor concepts and target detection and analysis of chemical and biological agents. The ultimate development goal for these instruments is to produce fully integrated sensored microsystems. Described here are a few new components and systems being explored: (1) A new microcalibrator chip, consisting of a thermally labile solid matrix on an array of suspended-membrane microhotplates, that when actuated delivers controlled quantities of chemical vapors. (2) New chemical vapor detectors, based on a suspended-membrane micro-hotplate design, which are amenable to array configurations. (3) Micron-scale cylindrical ion traps, fabricated using a molded tungsten process, which form the critical elements for a micro-mass analyzer. (4) Monolithically integrated micro-chemical analysis systems fabricated in silicon that incorporate chemical preconcentrators, gas chromatography columns, detector arrays, and MEMS valves.
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