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9 June 2006 Ultrafast nonlinear response of heterostructures based on zinc chalcogenides
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Nonlinear optical response of periodic structures based on ZnSe/ZnS heterostructures using interband excitation of a ZnSe sublattice by 1 50 fs laser pulses is reported. A considerable shift of reflection spectrum and large relative reflection changes were observed in a wide spectral range corresponding to the transparency region of ZnSe far from the intrinsic absorption onset. Evaluated refraction index change is about -0.02 with the relaxation time being about 3 picoseconds. The nonlinear refraction is supposed to be controlled by population induced absorption changes in ZnSe single crystals and relevant refraction index modification via Kramers-Kronig relations. The nonlinearity relaxation time is supposed to trace a transition from non-equilibrium to quasi-equilibrium distribution of electrons and holes within ZnSe conduction and valence bands, respectively, rather than electron-hole recombination time. The nonlinearity mechanism does not reduce to just population dependent absorption saturation but essentially results from the specific distribution function in the first instance after excitation.
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V. V. Stankevich, M. V. Ermolenko, O. V. Buganov, S. A. Tikhomirov, P. I. Kuznetsov, V. A. Jitov, G. G. Yakushcheva, L. Yu. Zakharov, and S. V. Gaponenko "Ultrafast nonlinear response of heterostructures based on zinc chalcogenides", Proc. SPIE 6258, ICONO 2005: Novel Photonics Materials: Physics and Optical Diagnostics of Nanostructures, 625803 (9 June 2006);


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