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28 June 2006 The REMIR cryogenics restyling
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REMIR is the NIR camera of the automatic REM (Rapid Eye Mount) Telescope located at ESO-La Silla Observatory (Chile) and dedicated to monitor the afterglow of Gamma Ray Burst events. During the last two years, the REMIR camera went through a series of cryogenics problems, due to the bad functioning of the Leybold cryocooler Polar SC7. Since we were unable to reach with Leybold for a diagnosis and a solution for such failures, we were forced to change drastically the cryogenics of REMIR, going from cryocooler to LN2: we adopted an ad-hoc modified Continuous Flow Cryostat, a cryogenics system developed by ESO and extensively used in ESO instrumentation, which main characteristic is that the LN2 vessel is separated from the cryostat, allowing a greater LN2 tank, then really improving the hold time. In this paper we report the details and results of this operation.
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