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29 September 2006 Multi-functionalized platinum(II) acetylides for optical power limiting
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Preliminary results on the optical power limiting properties of platinum(II) acetylides containing triazole units are presented. It is shown that the triazole units give a positive contribution to the limiting abilities of the platinum(II) acetylide and that this modified chromophore could have potential use in sensor protection devices. Moreover, this paper discusses how the versatile building block 2,2-bis(methylol)propionic acid (bis-MPA) can be used advantageously to functionalize nonlinear optical (NLO) platinum(II) acetylides. The bis-MPA units can be used to prepare dendritic substituents offering site isolation to the chromophore leading to improved clamping. The bis-MPA functionalization also improves the solubility of the platinum(II) acetylides in many organic solvents. The preparation of solid-state optical power limiters, where the NLO chromophore is inserted in an optically transparent matrix, is addressed. Again, the bis-MPA unit can be employed to increase the number of accessible end-groups to which matrix-compatible species can be attached. It is concluded that the hydroxy-functional platinum(II) acetylides can be modified to fit almost any matrix, organic or inorganic. Finally, depending on functionalization, it is possible to prepare doped glasses where the chromophore is either embedded in the matrix, or covalently bonded to the matrix.
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Robert Westlund, Eva Malmström, Markus Hoffmann, Robert Vestberg, Craig Hawker, Eirik Glimsdal, Mikael Lindgren, Patrick Norman, Anders Eriksson, and Cesar Lopes "Multi-functionalized platinum(II) acetylides for optical power limiting", Proc. SPIE 6401, Optical Materials in Defence Systems Technology III, 64010H (29 September 2006);

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