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8 May 2007 Nonlinear frequency conversion in double core photonic crystal fibers
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Photonic crystal fibers (PCF) have enlarging application potential in information technology and spectroscopy enabling different photonic operations in fast and effective manner. The present work was performed on index guiding double core PCF with square lattice, in which the cores are separated by a single air hole. Femtosecond laser pulses with wavelengths 1.1-1.5 &mgr;m were utilized to excite the PCF samples and the nonlinear spectral transformations were registered in the visible-near infrared region. During the manufacturing process the same PCF structure were prepared in four different sizes allowing to study the influence of the fiber diameter on the spectral transformation. Employing several nJ femtosecond pulses, polarization tunable narrow spectral features and broadband supercontinuum generation was observed and tailored by changing the excitation wavelength and polarization, coupling geometry and fiber diameter. In the case of excitation in anomalous dispersion area the effect of dispersive wave generation is evaluated.
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I. Bugar, D. Lorenc, I. V. Fedotov, A. B. Fedotov, R. Buczynski, D. Pysz, F. Uherek, and A. M. Zheltikov "Nonlinear frequency conversion in double core photonic crystal fibers", Proc. SPIE 6582, Nonlinear Optics and Applications II, 658216 (8 May 2007);

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