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4 January 2008 Dispersion-induced localized modes in weakly random media
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Using a time-independent calculation based on self-consistent transfer matrix method, we numerically investigate localized mode in a one-dimensional (1D) weakly disordered medium containing Lorentz dispersive material. The result show that the random medium containing dispersive media has frequency-dependent localized modes. Such localized modes strongly depend on dispersive parameters, such as transverse optical phonon frequency ω0, oscillator strength Χ0 and thickness of dispersive layer. The resonant frequency of such mode can be modified to shift by applying a dispersive medium. By this study, we will acquire some knowledge of localized mode in dispersive disorder medium; furthermore, this study suggests a method to realize tenability of localized mode, which is important for application of random laser.
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Yanling Han, Hong Wang, and Zheng biao Ouyang "Dispersion-induced localized modes in weakly random media", Proc. SPIE 6831, Nanophotonics, Nanostructure, and Nanometrology II, 683116 (4 January 2008);

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