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8 May 2008 Chaos and non-linear dynamics of a 1.55μm InGaAsP-InP microring laser
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In this paper, numerical investigation is performed for a 1.55μm InGaAsP-InP microring laser as a function of the bus waveguide reflectivity, the injection current and the phase of the backreflected field. The nascent nonlinear instabilities are identified utilizing a multimode rate equation model, originating from the continuous injections of each clockwise to the counterclockwise mode and inverse. The resulted time series are filtered using a 40GHz electrical low pass filter in order to omit the mode beatings. Chaos data analysis revealed high-dimensional chaos by means of the correlation dimension and the metric entropy calculation with continuously testing surrogate data. With increasing the bus waveguide reflectivity, period-doubling and quasiperiodic route to chaos was found and the dimension was found to follow a linear increase. The same dimension increase was found with increasing the injection current, with the system experiencing sudden transitions from chaos to limit cycles. With altering the phase of the backreflected field the dynamics were found to transit from limit cycle (Δφ=0→π/2) to chaos, maintained chaotic (Δφ=π/2→2π/3) and finally returning to periodic states (Δφ=2π/3→2π). Furthermore, the dynamics are investigated with calculating the standardized moments.
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Konstantinos E. Chlouverakis, Spiros Mikroulis, and Dimitris Syvridis "Chaos and non-linear dynamics of a 1.55μm InGaAsP-InP microring laser", Proc. SPIE 6997, Semiconductor Lasers and Laser Dynamics III, 699717 (8 May 2008);

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