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11 August 2009 Aerosol column absorption measurements using co-located UV-MFRSR and AERONET CIMEL instruments
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Column aerosol absorption properties in the visible wavelengths are measured routinely in worldwide locations by NASA AERONET network (, while similar optical properties in UV can be derived from diffuse and global irradiance measurements measured with Multifilter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (MFRSR) instruments of the USDA UV-MFRSR network ( To enable direct comparisons between the two techniques, we have modified our UV-MFRSR by replacing standard 300nm filter with 440nm filter used in AERONET network. The modified UV/VIS-MFRSR has been mostly deployed at AERONET calibration site at NASA GSFC in Greenbelt, MD, but also at number of field campaigns. While the UV-MSFRSR instrument is highly susceptible to calibration drifts, these drifts can be accurately assessed using co-located AERONET direct-sun AOT data. In 2006 quartz dome has been installed atop the MFRSR diffuser, which stabilized calibration drifts in 2007-2009. After correcting for remaining calibration changes, the AOT and single scattering albedo (SSA) at the UV wavelengths can be accurately inferred by fitting the measurements of global and diffuse atmospheric transmittances with the forward RT model at each UV-MFRSR spectral channel. Derived AOT and SSA at common wavelength 440nm by two different techniques are generally in good agreement. We also found that SSA becomes smaller in the UV wavelengths and has strong wavelength dependence across blue and near-UV spectral range. The measured enhanced UV absorption might suggest the presence of selectively UV absorbing aerosols. High spectral resolution SSA measurements in UV-VIS wavelengths are called for.
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N. Krotkov, G. Labow, J. Herman, J. Slusser, R. Tree, G. Janson, B. Durham, T. Eck, and B. Holben "Aerosol column absorption measurements using co-located UV-MFRSR and AERONET CIMEL instruments", Proc. SPIE 7462, Ultraviolet and Visible Ground- and Space-based Measurements, Trace Gases, Aerosols and Effects VI, 746205 (11 August 2009);

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