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29 September 2009 Electron beam mask writer EBM-7000 for hp 32nm generation
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Optical lithography is facing resolution limit. To overcome this issue, highly complicated patterns with high data volume are being adopted for optical mask fabrications. With this background, new electron beam mask writing system, EBM- 7000 is developed to satisfy requirements of hp 32nm generation. Electron optical system with low aberrations is developed to resolve finer patterns like 30nm L/S. In addition, high current density of 200 A/cm2 is realized to avoid writing time increase. In data path, distributed processing system is newly built to handle large amounts of data efficiently. The data processing speed of 500MB/s, fast enough to process all the necessary data within exposure time in parallel for hp32nm generation, is achieved. And this also makes it possible to handle such large volume dense data as 2G shots/mm2 local pattern density. In this paper, system configuration of EBM-7000 with accuracy data obtained are presented.
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