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28 April 2010 Multiple template-based image matching using alpha-rooted quaternion phase correlation
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In computer vision applications, image matching performed on quality-degraded imagery is difficult due to image content distortion and noise effects. State-of-the art keypoint based matchers, such as SURF and SIFT, work very well on clean imagery. However, performance can degrade significantly in the presence of high noise and clutter levels. Noise and clutter cause the formation of false features which can degrade recognition performance. To address this problem, previously we developed an extension to the classical amplitude and phase correlation forms, which provides improved robustness and tolerance to image geometric misalignments and noise. This extension, called Alpha-Rooted Phase Correlation (ARPC), combines Fourier domain-based alpha-rooting enhancement with classical phase correlation. ARPC provides tunable parameters to control the alpha-rooting enhancement. These parameter values can be optimized to tradeoff between high narrow correlation peaks, and more robust wider, but smaller peaks. Previously, we applied ARPC in the radon transform domain for logo image recognition in the presence of rotational image misalignments. In this paper, we extend ARPC to incorporate quaternion Fourier transforms, thereby creating Alpha-Rooted Quaternion Phase Correlation (ARQPC). We apply ARQPC to the logo image recognition problem. We use ARQPC to perform multiple-reference logo template matching by representing multiple same-class reference templates as quaternion-valued images. We generate recognition performance results on publicly-available logo imagery, and compare recognition results to results generated from standard approaches. We show that small deviations in reference templates of sameclass logos can lead to improved recognition performance using the joint matching inherent in ARQPC.
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Stephen DelMarco "Multiple template-based image matching using alpha-rooted quaternion phase correlation", Proc. SPIE 7708, Mobile Multimedia/Image Processing, Security, and Applications 2010, 77080F (28 April 2010);

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