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29 July 2010 Hard x-ray imager (HXI) for the ASTRO-H Mission
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The Hard X-ray Imager (HXI) is one of four detectors on board the ASTRO-H mission (6th Japanese X-ray satellite), which is scheduled to be launched in 2014. Using the hybrid structure composed of double-sided silicon strip detectors and a cadmium telluride double-sided strip detector, the instrument fully covers the energy range of photons collected with the hard X-ray telescope up to 80 keV with a high quantum efficiency. High spatial resolution of 250 μm and an energy resolution of 1-2 keV (FWHM) are both achieved with low noise front-end ASICs. In addition, the thick BGO active shields surrounding the main detector package is a heritage of the successful performance of the Hard X-ray Detector on board the Suzaku satellite. This feature enables the instrument to achieve an extremely high background reduction caused by cosmic-ray particles, cosmic X-ray background, and in-orbit radiation activation. In this paper, we present the detector concept, design, latest results of the detector development, and the current status of the hardware.
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