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29 July 2010 Measuring the EUV and optical transmission of optical blocking layer for x-ray CCD camera
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We have developed a new back-illuminated (BI) CCD which has an Optical Blocking Layer (OBL) directly coating its X-ray illumination surface with Aluminum-Polyimide-Aluminum instead of Optical Blocking Filter (OBF). OBL is composed of a thin polyimide layer sandwiched by two Al layers. Polyimide and Al has a capability to cut EUV and optical light, respectively. The X-ray CCD is affected by large doses of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation from Earth sun-lit atmosphere (airglow) in orbit as well as the optical light. In order to evaluate the performance of the EUV-attenuating polyimide of the OBL, we measured the EUV transmission of both the OBL and the OBF at energies between 15-72 eV by utilizing a beam line located at the Photon Factory in High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK-PF). We obtained the EUV transmission to be 3% at 41 eV which is the same as the expected transmission from the designed thickness of the polyimide layer. We also found no significant change of the EUV transmission of polyimide over the nine month interval spanned by out two experiments. We also measured the optical transmission of the OBL at wavelengths between 500-900Å to evaluate the performance of the Al that attenuates optical light, and found the optical transmission to be less than 4×10-5.
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