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27 July 2010 Modeling the spatial PSF at the VLT focal plane for MUSE WFM data analysis purpose
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MUSE is the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer, an AO-assisted integral field spectrograph for visible and near-IR wavelengths which is planned to be commissioned at the UT4 of the Very Large Telescope in 2012.1 We present the status on the modeling of the spatial PSF at the UT focus and its Field-of-View (FoV) and spectral variations. Modeling these variations and studying their implications is a cornerstone for some MUSE data analysis and processing problems such as fusion, source extraction and deconvolution of MUSE datacubes. In Wide Field Mode (WFM, 1 square arc-minute FoV, 0.2 arcsec spatial sampling), MUSE can operate without Adaptive Optics (AO) correction or with a Ground Layer Adaptive Optics facility aimed at providing an almost uniform correction over a large field of view. In Narrow Field Mode (7.5 square arcseconds FoV, 0.025 arcsec spatial sampling) MUSE will make use of a Laser Tomography Adaptive Optics reconstruction, implying stronger spatial variations. By using the adaptive optics simulation tool PAOLA, we simulate in WFM the spatial PSF as a function of atmospheric turbulence parameters, observed wavelengths, AO mode and position in the field of view. We then develop a mathematical model fitting the generated data which allows, with a small number of parameters, to approximate the PSF at any spatial and spectral position of MUSE datacube. Finally, we evaluate the possibility to estimate the model parameters directly from the (future) MUSE data themselves.
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Denis Serre, Emma Villeneuve, Hervé Carfantan, Laurent Jolissaint, Vincent Mazet, Sébastien Bourguignon, and Aurélien Jarno "Modeling the spatial PSF at the VLT focal plane for MUSE WFM data analysis purpose", Proc. SPIE 7736, Adaptive Optics Systems II, 773649 (27 July 2010);

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