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13 October 2011 Imprint lithography template technology for bit patterned media (BPM)
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Bit patterned media (BPM) for magnetic recording has emerged as a promising technology to deliver thermally stable magnetic storage at densities beyond 1Tb/in2. Insertion of BPM into hard disk drives will require the introduction of nanoimprint lithography and other nanofabrication processes for the first time. In this work, we focus on nanoimprint and nanofabrication challenges that are being overcome in order to produce patterned media. Patterned media has created the need for new tools and processes, such as an advanced rotary e-beam lithography tool and block copolymer integration. The integration of block copolymer is through the use of a chemical contrast pattern on the substrate which guides the alignment of di-block copolymers. Most of the work on directed self assembly for patterned media applications has, until recently, concentrated on the formation of circular dot patterns in a hexagonal close packed lattice. However, interactions between the read head and media favor a bit aspect ratio (BAR) greater than one. This design constraint has motivated new approaches for using self-assembly to create suitable high-BAR master patterns and has implications for template fabrication.
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J. Lille, K. Patel, R. Ruiz, T.-W. Wu, H. Gao, Lei Wan, G. Zeltzer, E. Dobisz, and T. R. Albrecht "Imprint lithography template technology for bit patterned media (BPM)", Proc. SPIE 8166, Photomask Technology 2011, 816626 (13 October 2011);

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