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25 April 2012 Dispersion properties of all-solid photonic crystal fibers with nanostructured core
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The development of all-solid photonic crystal fibers for nonlinear optics is an alternative approach to the air-glass solid core photonic crystal fibers. The use of soft glasses ensures a high refractive index contrast (>0.1) and a high nonlinear coefficient of the fibers. In addition, the manipulation of the subwavelength structure of the core of a photonic crystal fiber allows significant modification of its dispersion characteristics and efficient generation of supercontinuum with various femtosecond and nanosecond sources. The development of all-solid photonic crystal fiber allows very accurate control of all the parameters of the developed fiber in very good agreement with the design criteria. In this paper, we report on the dispersion management capabilities in all-solid photonic crystal fibers with nanostructured cores using thermally matched glasses, which can be jointly processed using the stack-and-draw fiber fabrication technology. We consider a photonic crystal fiber made of the high index lead-silicate glass SF6 and the in-house synthesized low index silicate glass NC21. The NC21 glass plays the role of low index inclusion in the photonic cladding and a nano-inclusion in the core of the fiber. The final dispersion profile of the photonic crystal fiber is determined by the low index nano-inclusion in the core with diameter in the range 100-500nm. The dispersion profiles are modeled for a theoretical structure and for the developed fiber. Supercontinuum generation is expected and numerically confirmed for the developed fiber in the range 1150-1500nm with flatness below 1dB. The fiber is dedicated for supercontinuum generation with 1550nm laser sources.
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J. Pniewski, D. Pysz, R. Stepien, I. Kujawa, A. J. Waddie, M. R. Taghizadeh, and R. Buczynski "Dispersion properties of all-solid photonic crystal fibers with nanostructured core", Proc. SPIE 8426, Microstructured and Specialty Optical Fibres, 84261J (25 April 2012);


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