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21 September 2012 Euclid near-infrared spectrophotometer instrument concept at the end of the phase A study
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The Euclid mission objective is to map the geometry of the dark Universe by investigating the distance-redshift relationship and the evolution of cosmic structures. The NISP (Near Infrared Spectro-Photometer) is one of the two Euclid instruments operating in the near-IR spectral region (0.9-2μm). The instrument is composed of: - a cold (140K) optomechanical subsystem constituted by a SiC structure, an optical assembly, a filter wheel mechanism, a grism wheel mechanism, a calibration unit and a thermal control - a detection subsystem based on a mosaic of 16 Teledyne HAWAII2RG 2.4μm. The detection subsystem is mounted on the optomechanical subsystem structure - a warm electronic subsystem (280K) composed of a data processing / detector control unit and of an instrument control unit. This presentation will describe the architecture of the instrument, the expected performance and the technological key challenges. This paper is presented on behalf of the Euclid Consortium.
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