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24 September 2012 Perfomance verification of the ground-based mid-infrared camera MAX38 on the MiniTAO Telescope
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We have evaluated on-sky performances of a mid-infrared camera MAX38 (Mid-infrared Astronomical eXploerer) on the miniTAO 1-meter telescope. A Strehl ratio at the N-band is estimated to be 0.7-0.8, and it reaches to 0.9 at the 37.7 micron, indicating that diffraction limited angular resolution is almost achieved at the wavelength range from 8 to 38 micron. System efficiencies at the N and the Q-band are estimated with photometry of standard stars. The sensitivity at the 30 micron cannot be exactly estimated because there are no standard stars bright enough. We use the sky brightness instead. The estimated efficiencies at the 8.9, 18.7, and 31.7 micron are 4%, 3%, 15% , respectively. One-sigma sensitivity in 1 sec integration of each filter is also evaluated. These give good agreements with the designed values. Preliminary scientific results are briefly reported.
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