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24 September 2012 Development of MIMIZUKU: a mid-infrared multi-field imager for 6.5-m TAO telescope
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TAO (The University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory) is planned to be constructed at the summit of Co. Chajnantor (5640 m altitude) in Chile. MIMIZUKU (Mid-Infrared Multi-field Imager for gaZing at the UnKnown Universe) is a mid-infrared imager (Field of View: 1' x 1'- 2' x 2') and spectrometer (Δλ/λ: 60-230) for the 6.5-m TAO telescope, covering the wavelength range of 2-38 μm. The MIMIZUKU has a unique equipment called Field Stacker (FS) which enables the simultaneous observation of target and reference object. The simultaneity is expected to improve photometric accuracy and to realize long-term monitoring observations. The development status of the MIMIZUKU is reported in this paper. The FS and the cryostat of the MIMIZUKU have been fabricated and under testing. The cold optics (550 mm x 750 mm x 2 floors) with 28 mirrors has been constructed. The mirrors were aligned with the positional precision of 0.1 mm and the angular precision of 0.1 deg. The evaluated optical performance is that the diffraction-limited image at λ <8 μm and the enough compact image (r <2 pix=0.22") at 2 λ ~2μm can be obtained. In the cold optics, the drive systems with backlash-less gears are employed and work well even in cryogenic environment. The grisms made with silicon and germanium have been fabricated by ultraprecision cutting. It was found that their surface roughness, grating constant, and blaze angle almost measure up to the designed values.
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