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13 September 2012 Tests of open-loop LGS tomography with CANARY
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CANARY is an on-sky demonstrator adaptive optics (AO) system that in 2010 provided the first on-sky demonstration of open-loop tomographic adaptive optics correction using natural guide stars (NGS). Phase B of the CANARY experiment aims to extend the instrument from its original configuration by also measuring wavefronts from four offaxis Rayleigh laser guide stars (LGS). This upgrade allows CANARY to perform tomographic wavefront sensing over a 2.5arcminute field of view using any mix of up to seven off-axis wavefront sensors (four LGS and three NGS) simultaneously. AO correction within CANARY is performed on-axis along a single line of sight using a 52-actuator deformable mirror being controlled in open-loop. Here we give an overview of the Phase B LGS system, discuss the calibration of a mixed NGS/LGS tomographic system and present the recent laboratory and on-sky results from the Phase B commissioning.
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