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8 November 2012 Correlation between reticle- and wafer-CD difference of multiple 28nm reticle-sites
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Reticle critical dimension uniformity (CDU) is an important criterion for the qualification of mask layer processes. Normally, the smaller the three sigma value of reticle CDU is, the better is the reticle CDU performance. For qualification of mask processes, the mask layers to be qualified should have a comparable reticle CDU compared to the process of record (POR) mask layers. Because the reticle critical dimension (CD) measurement is based on algorithms like “middle side lobe measurement”, evaluation of the reticle CD-values can not reflect aspects like the sidewall angle of the reticle and variation in corner rounding which may be critical for 45nm technology nodes (and below). All involved tools and processes contribute to the wafer intra-field CDU (scanner, track, reticle, metrology). Normally, the reticle contribution to the wafer CDU should be as small as possible. In order to reduce the process contributions to the wafer intra-field CDU during the mask qualification process, the same toolset (exposure tool, metrology tool) should be applied as for the POR. Out of the results of these investigations the correlation between wafer measurement to target (MTT) and reticle MTT can be obtained in order to accurately qualify the CDU performance of the mask processes. We will demonstrate the correlation between reticle MTT and wafer MTT by use of multiple mask processes and alternative mask blank materials. We will investigate the results of four process-layers looking at advanced binary maskblank material from two different suppliers (moreover the results of a 2X-via layer as an example for a phase-shift maskblank is discussed). Objective of this article is to demonstrate the distribution between reticle MTT and wafer MTT as a qualification criterion for mask processes. The correlation between wafer CD-difference and reticle CD-difference of these mask processes are demonstrated by having performed investigations of dense features of different 28nmtechnology process layers (poly-, active-, contact-, 1X-metal-, 2X-via layers). Referring to the correlation between wafer and reticle MTT, the contribution of the reticle CD-difference to the wafer CD-difference can be used as an evaluation method for the transfer-process of different mask sites.
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Guoxiang Ning, Frank Richter, Thomas Thamm, Paul Ackmann, Marc Staples, Francois Weisbuch, Karin Kurth, Joerg Schenker, Andre Leschok, and Fang Hong GN "Correlation between reticle- and wafer-CD difference of multiple 28nm reticle-sites", Proc. SPIE 8522, Photomask Technology 2012, 85220F (8 November 2012);


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