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18 March 2014 Integrated optical waveguide and nanoparticle based label-free molecular biosensing concepts
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We present our developments on integrated optical waveguide based as well as on magnetic nanoparticle based label-free biosensor concepts. With respect to integrated optical waveguide devices, evanescent wave sensing by means of Mach- Zehnder interferometers are used as biosensing components. We describe three different approaches: a) silicon photonic wire waveguides enabling on-chip wavelength division multiplexing, b) utilization of slow light in silicon photonic crystal defect waveguides operated in the 1.3 μm wavelength regime, and c) silicon nitride photonics wire waveguide devices compatible with on-chip photodiode integration operated in the 0.85 μm wavelength regime. The nanoparticle based approach relies on a plasmon-optical detection of the hydrodynamic properties of magnetic-core/gold-shell nanorods immersed in the sample solution. The hybrid nanorods are rotated within an externally applied magnetic field and their rotation optically monitored. When target molecules bind to the surfaces of the nanorods their hydrodynamic volumes increase, which directly translates into a change of the optical signal. This approach possesses the potential to enable real-time measurements with only minimal sample preparation requirements, thus presenting a promising point-of- care diagnostic system.
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Rainer Hainberger, Paul Muellner, Eva Melnik, Markus Wellenzohn, Roman Bruck, Joerg Schotter, Stefan Schrittwieser, Michael Waldow, Thorsten Wahlbrink, Guenther Koppitsch, Franz Schrank, Katerina Soulantica, Sergio Lentijo, Beatriz Pelaz, and Wolfgang Parak "Integrated optical waveguide and nanoparticle based label-free molecular biosensing concepts", Proc. SPIE 8933, Frontiers in Biological Detection: From Nanosensors to Systems VI, 893305 (18 March 2014);

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