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2 May 2014 Harmonic fundamental self-pulsations from a laser diode using phase-conjugate optical feedback
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Thanks to the band-gap engineering of quantum confined semiconductor materials and the development of semiconductor-based saturable absorber mirrors, recent years have seen the development of compact and low-cost external-cavity laser diodes generating pulses at several tens of GHz. The physics of the bifurcation leading to selfpulsation leads however to an intrinsic limitation: the fundamental repetition rate is fixed to and limited by the externalcavity round-trip time. By contrast, we demonstrate here that an external-cavity diode laser may generate fundamental self-pulsating dynamics at harmonics of the external-cavity frequency, when a phase conjugate mirror replaces the conventional mirror. As is known from theory, a laser diode with phase conjugate external feedback supports a single stationary solution that bifurcates to self-pulsating dynamics of increasing frequency when increasing the amount of light reflected back to the laser diode. The self-pulsation frequency then increases in step of the external-cavity frequency as one increases the feedback strength. We provide here the first experimental evidence of such harmonic external-cavity fundamental self-pulsation. As a proof-of-concept, we generate experimentally a self-pulsating dynamics at twice and three times the fundamental external-cavity frequency using an edge-emitting laser with a self-pumped ring-cavity photorefractive phase conjugator. Numerical simulations also predict stable higher harmonics.
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Delphine Wolfersberger, A. Karsaklian dal Bosco, E. Mercier, and M. Sciamanna "Harmonic fundamental self-pulsations from a laser diode using phase-conjugate optical feedback", Proc. SPIE 9134, Semiconductor Lasers and Laser Dynamics VI, 91340K (2 May 2014);

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