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1 May 2014 High performing SPS based on native NIR-emitting single colour centers in diamond
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Single-photon sources (SPS) play a key-role in many applications, spanning from quantum metrology, to quantum information and to the foundations of quantum mechanics. Even if an ideal SPS (i. e. emitting indistinguishable, ”on-demand” single photons, at an arbitrarily fast repetition rate) is far to be realized due to real-world deviations from the ideality, much effort is currently devoted to improving the performance of real sources. With regards to the emission probability, it appears natural to employ sources that are in principle deterministic in the single- photon emission (single quantum emitters such as single atoms, ions, molecules, quantum dots, or color centers in diamond) as opposed to probabilistic ones (usually heralded SPS based on parametric down-conversion). We present an overview of our latest results concerning a work-in-progress NIR pulsed single photon source based on single quantum emitters (color centers in diamond) exploiting recently reported centers. They are particularly interesting because of the narrow emission line (tipically less than 5 nm), the shorter excited state lifetime with respect to NV centres (1 - 2 ns compared to 12 ns, allowing a ten-fold photon emission rate upon saturation) and the polarized emission.
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D. Gatto Monticone, P. Traina, E. Moreva, J. Forneris, M. Levi, G. Brida, I. P. Degiovanni, G. Amato, L. Boarino, P. Olivero, and M. Genovese "High performing SPS based on native NIR-emitting single colour centers in diamond", Proc. SPIE 9136, Nonlinear Optics and Its Applications VIII; and Quantum Optics III, 913624 (1 May 2014);

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