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18 November 2014 Characteristic optimization of 1.55-μm InGaAsP/InP high-power diode laser
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A comprehensive design optimization of 1.55-μm high power InGaAsP/InP board area lasers is performed aiming at increasing the internal quantum efficiency (IQE) while maintaing a low internal loss of the device as well. The P-doping profile and separate confinement heterostructure (SCH) layer band gap are optimized respectively with commercial software Crosslight. Analysis of lasers with different p-doping profiles shows that, although heavy doping in P-cladding layer increases the internal loss of the device, it ensures a high IQE because higher energy barrier at the SCH/P-cladding interface as a result of heavy doping helps reduce the carrier leakage from the waveguide to the InP-cladding layer. The band gap of the SCH layer are also optimized for high slope efficiency. Smaller band gap helps reduce the vertical carrier leakage from the waveguide to the P-cladding layer, but the corresponding higher carrier concentration in SCH layer will cause some radiative recombination, thus influencing the IQE. And as the injection current increases, the carrier concentration increases faster with smaller band gap, therefore, the output power saturates sooner. An optimized band gap in SCH layer of approximately 1.127eV and heavy doping up to 1e18/cm3 at the SCH/P-cladding interface are identified for our high power laser design, and we achieved a high IQE of 94% and internal loss of 2.99/cm for our design.
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Qing Ke, Shaoyang Tan, Teng Zhai, Ruikang Zhang, Dan Lu, and Chen Ji "Characteristic optimization of 1.55-μm InGaAsP/InP high-power diode laser", Proc. SPIE 9266, High-Power Lasers and Applications VII, 92660Z (18 November 2014);

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