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4 August 1988 Test And Manufacture Of 3-Mirror Laboratory Telescope
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A three-mirror unobstructed all-reflective f/2.7, 12-inch focal length, 3° circular field laboratory telescope requiring 80% of encircled energy in a spot size of 65 micrometers at 10 micron wavelength was designed, manufactured, and assembled by the Contraves Goerz Corporation. The design and optimization methods for this off axis system and the computer assisted techniques for assembly and alignments of the telescope are described. The method of testing the secondary convex mirror, with aspheric terms to 10th order, and the oblate spheroid concave tertiary are of interest. The finished telescope was tested by interferometry by the Boeing Aerospace Company's Optics Group. A Zygo Mark III Fizeau interferometer measured the optical path difference (OPD's) and the ACCOSV lens design/analysis program computed the OPD's from the telescope prescription. The OPD's from the ZYGO were passed to a Perkin Elmer 3200 mini computer for data reduction. The measured and computed wavefronts were analyzed by Zernike polynomial least-squares fitting in the U. of Arizona FRINGE program. The combining and enhancing of several optical programs in a single computer provided flexibility and increased capability. Both measured and design wavefronts are plotted and tables of aberrations are given at each field position. Point spread functions and encircled energy are computed at several wavelengths. The telescope design performance is limited by astigmatism. All five field positions showed coma as the dominant aberration when measured by interferometry.
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Clinton Earl McAuliffe and Raymond F. Delgado "Test And Manufacture Of 3-Mirror Laboratory Telescope", Proc. SPIE 0941, Automated Testing of Electro-Optical Systems, (4 August 1988);

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