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7 May 2015 Silica optical fibers with high oxygen excess in the core: a new type of radiation-resistant fiber
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The technology, initial properties, and the value of radiation-induced attenuation (RIA) of light in the optical communication spectral range ~1.1–1.7 μm are discussed of the novel MCVD-produced undoped-silica-core F-dopedsilica- cladding fibers, of which the core is synthesized in high O2 excess (HOE) conditions (HOE-fibers). The RIA mechanisms are analyzed and compared in the HOE-fibers and in the F-doped-silica-core fibers previously commonly considered as the most radiation-resistant. The measured RIA values in the HOE-fibers and the literature data on the RIA in the commercial radiation-resistant F-doped-silica-core fibers of Fujikura are compared at λ=1.31 and 1.55 μm. Based on this consideration, the HOE-fibers are argued to be potentially superior to the F-doped-silica-core fibers as to radiation resistance especially at long wavelengths (in particular, at λ~1.55 μm). It is also argued that the fiber drawing tension reduction can further lower RIA in the HOE-fibers. A direct experimental comparison of RIA under γ-radiation from a 60Co-source at a dose rate of 8.7 Gy/s up to a dose of 94 kGy is carried out in two HOE-fibers and a commercial radiation-resistant fiber of European make. RIA in the HOE-fibers is found to be many times lower than that in the commercial fiber throughout the optical communication spectral range ~1.1–1.7 μm.
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Pavel F. Kashaykin, Alexander L. Tomashuk, Mikhail Yu. Salgansky, Alexey N. Abramov, Lyudmila D. Iskhakova, Nikolay S. Lobanov, Konstantin N. Nishchev, Alexey N. Gurynov, and Eugeny M. Dianov "Silica optical fibers with high oxygen excess in the core: a new type of radiation-resistant fiber", Proc. SPIE 9507, Micro-structured and Specialty Optical Fibres IV, 950705 (7 May 2015);

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