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21 September 2015 The extreme UV imager telescope on-board the Solar Orbiter mission: overview of phase C and D
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The Solar Orbiter mission is composed of ten scientific instruments dedicated to the observation of the Sun’s atmosphere and its heliosphere, taking advantage of an out-of ecliptic orbit and at perihelion reaching a proximity close to 0.28 A.U. On board Solar Orbiter, the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) will provide full-Sun image sequences of the solar corona in the extreme ultraviolet (17.1 nm and 30.4 nm), and high-resolution image sequences of the solar disk in the extreme ultraviolet (17.1 nm) and in the vacuum ultraviolet (121.6 nm). The EUI concept uses heritage from previous similar extreme ultraviolet instrument. Additional constraints from the specific orbit (thermal and radiation environment, limited telemetry download) however required dedicated technologies to achieve the scientific objectives of the mission. The development phase C of the instrument and its sub-systems has been successfully completed, including thermomechanical and electrical design validations with the Structural Thermal Model (STM) and the Engineering Model (EM). The instrument STM and EM units have been integrated on the respective spacecraft models and will undergo the system level tests. In parallel, the Phase D has been started with the sub-system qualifications and the flight parts manufacturing. The next steps of the EUI development will be the instrument Qualification Model (QM) integration and qualification tests. The Flight Model (FM) instrument activities will then follow with the acceptance tests and calibration campaigns.
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J.-P. Halain, P. Rochus, E. Renotte, A. Hermans, L. Jacques, F. Auchère, D. Berghmans, L. Harra, U. Schühle, W. Schmutz, A. Zhukov, R. Aznar Cuadrado, F. Delmotte, C. Dumesnil, M. Gyo, T. Kennedy, P. Smith, J. Tandy, R. Mercier, and C. Verbeeck "The extreme UV imager telescope on-board the Solar Orbiter mission: overview of phase C and D", Proc. SPIE 9604, Solar Physics and Space Weather Instrumentation VI, 96040G (21 September 2015);

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