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20 May 2016 Bandwidth control of wavelength-selective uncooled infrared sensors using two-dimensional plasmonic absorbers
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Although standard uncooled infrared (IR) sensors can be used to record information such as the shape, position, and average radiant intensity of objects, these devices cannot capture color (that is, wavelength) data. Achieving wavelength selectivity would pave the way for the development of advanced uncooled IR sensors capable of providing color information as well as multi-color image sensors that would have significant advantages in applications such as fire detection, gas analysis, hazardous material recognition, and biological analysis. We have previously demonstrated an uncooled IR sensor incorporating a two-dimensional plasmonic absorber (2D PLA) that exhibits wavelength selectivity over a wide range in the mid- and long-IR regions. This PLA has a 2D Au-based periodic array of dimples, in which surface plasmon modes are induced and wavelength-selective absorption occurs. However, the dependence of the absorption bandwidth on certain structural parameters has yet to be clarified. The bandwidth of such devices is a vital factor when considering the practical application of these sensors to tasks such as gas detection. In the present study, control of the bandwidth was theoretically investigated using a rigorous coupled wave analysis approach. It is demonstrated that the dimple sidewall structure has a significant impact on the bandwidth and can be used to control both narrow- and broadband absorption. Increasing the sidewall slope was found to decrease the bandwidth due to suppression of cavity-mode resonance in the depth direction of the dimples. These results will contribute to the development of high-resolution, wavelength-selective uncooled IR sensors.
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Shinpei Ogawa, Daisuke Fujisawa, and Masafumi Kimata "Bandwidth control of wavelength-selective uncooled infrared sensors using two-dimensional plasmonic absorbers", Proc. SPIE 9819, Infrared Technology and Applications XLII, 98191R (20 May 2016);

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