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12 September 2016 New prototype of acousto-optical radio-wave spectrometer with parallel frequency processing for astrophysical applications
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We develop a multi-band spectrometer with a few spatially parallel optical arms for the combined processing of their data flow. Such multi-band capability has various applications in astrophysical scenarios at different scales: from objects in the distant universe to planetary atmospheres in the Solar system. Each optical arm exhibits original performances to provide parallel multi-band observations with different scales simultaneously. Similar possibility is based on designing each optical arm individually via exploiting different materials for acousto-optical cells operating within various regimes, frequency ranges and light wavelengths from independent light sources. Individual beam shapers provide both the needed incident light polarization and the required apodization to increase the dynamic range of a system. After parallel acousto-optical processing, data flows are united by the joint CCD matrix on the stage of the combined electronic data processing. At the moment, the prototype combines still three bands, i.e. includes three spatial optical arms. The first low-frequency arm operates at the central frequencies ~60-80 MHz with frequency bandwidth ~40 MHz. The second arm is oriented to middle-frequencies ~350-500 MHz with frequency bandwidth ~200-300 MHz. The third arm is intended for ultra-high-frequency radio-wave signals about 1.0-1.5 GHz with frequency bandwidth <300 MHz. To-day, this spectrometer has the following preliminary performances. The first arm exhibits frequency resolution ~20 KHz; while the second and third arms give the resolution ~150-200 KHz. The numbers of resolvable spots are 1500- 2000 depending on the regime of operation. The fourth optical arm at the frequency range ~3.5 GHz is currently under construction.
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Alexandre S. Shcherbakov, Miguel Chavez Dagostino, Adan Omar Arellanes, and Arturo Aguirre Lopez "New prototype of acousto-optical radio-wave spectrometer with parallel frequency processing for astrophysical applications", Proc. SPIE 9970, Optics and Photonics for Information Processing X, 997004 (12 September 2016);

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