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25 October 2016 Electron beam mask writer EBM-9500 for logic 7nm node generation
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Semiconductor scaling is slowing down because of difficulties of device manufacturing below logic 7nm node generation. Various lithography candidates which include ArF immersion with resolution enhancement technology (like Inversed Lithography technology), Extreme Ultra Violet lithography and Nano Imprint lithography are being developed to address the situation. In such advanced lithography, shot counts of mask patterns are estimated to increase explosively in critical layers, and then it is hoped that multi beam mask writer (MBMW) is released to handle them within realistic write time. However, ArF immersion technology with multiple patterning will continue to be a mainstream lithography solution for most of the layers. Then, the shot counts in less critical layers are estimated to be stable because of the limitation of resolution in ArF immersion technology. Therefore, single beam mask writer (SBMW) can play an important role for mask production still, relative to MBMW. Also the demand of SBMW seems actually strong for the logic 7nm node. To realize this, we have developed a new SBMW, EBM-9500 for mask fabrication in this generation. A newly introduced electron beam source enables higher current density of 1200A/cm2. Heating effect correction function has also been newly introduced to satisfy the requirements for both pattern accuracy and throughput. In this paper, we will report the configuration and performance of EBM-9500.
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Hideki Matsui, Takashi Kamikubo, Satoshi Nakahashi, Haruyuki Nomura, Noriaki Nakayamada, Mizuna Suganuma, Yasuo Kato, Jun Yashima, Victor Katsap, Kenichi Saito, Ryoei Kobayashi, Nobuo Miyamoto, and Munehiro Ogasawara "Electron beam mask writer EBM-9500 for logic 7nm node generation", Proc. SPIE 9985, Photomask Technology 2016, 998508 (25 October 2016);

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