Information for the SPIE Community regarding publishing during COVID-19

As the coronavirus crisis (COVID-19) continues to impact scholarship worldwide, SPIE is aware that publishing activity—including writing, reviewing, and accessing papers—may be affected by lack of access to institutional research labs and social distancing measures.

SPIE staff are working normal hours and are available to assist you, as always.

Impact on Journal publishing

SPIE Journal authors may need additional time to complete revisions to manuscripts. Most of our journals automatically give authors 30 days to complete revisions, but this deadline can be extended if needed. Please contact the journal if you would like an extension, and it will be granted.

If journal authors have difficulty paying open access fees due to institution closures, please contact journal staff, and we will help:

Most SPIE journals allow reviewers 12-25 days to complete reviews. If you are reviewing a paper and need additional time to complete the review, please contact the journal and an extension will be granted.

Access to the SPIE Digital Library

We know how important it is that you retain access to research while away from the lab and office. That’s why we make it easy to access the SPIE Digital Library via an institutional subscription even when you’re working from home.

Price Reduction

SPIE has decided to reduce our SPIE Digital Library and Journal subscription prices by 10% for 2021. This discount comes in recognition of the challenges facing our library partners as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We remain committed to enabling the broadest possible dissemination of information to researchers, engineers, and academics worldwide. You can read the press release here.

Single Sign-On

If your institution has configured single sign-on with us, you will be able to access the institution's subscription when you sign in on our Institutional Sign In page. Through use of the SAML standard, SPIE Digital Library supports single sign-on (SSO) for members of the OpenAthens federation, for a growing number of Shibboleth federations, and most recently for non-academic institutions who are not federation members. 

Google Scholar CASA

SPIE partners with Google Scholar CASA to support researchers with access from anywhere. When you use Google Scholar on your institution's network, CASA notes your institution's subscriptions. After you leave the institution's network, access to the SPIE Digital Library remains available on your device. CASA's PDF access links appear on articles—look for gray buttons labeled "PDF" on the right side of article pages.

Affiliated User Accounts

Affiliate your SPIE account with your institution in order to use the SPIE Digital Library from any device or network. When you sign into or create a SPIE user account while at work or school, your SPIE account will be automatically affiliated with your institution's SPIE Digital Library subscription for 90 days. After this, you can again sign in from within the institution's network in order to renew the affiliation.

Need help?

If you experience access issues or have questions, please contact your institution's librarian or SPIE Digital Library Support.

Read the SPIE response to COVID-19 for additional information about how SPIE is adapting our conferences and events during this time.

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