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4 March 2016 IO:I, a near-infrared camera for the Liverpool Telescope
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IO:I is a new instrument that has recently been commissioned for the Liverpool Telescope, extending current imaging capabilities beyond the optical and into the near-infrared. Cost has been minimized by the use of a previously decommissioned instrument’s cryostat as the base for a prototype and retrofitting it with Teledyne’s 1.7-μm cutoff Hawaii-2RG HgCdTe detector, SIDECAR ASIC controller, and JADE2 interface card. The mechanical, electronic, and cryogenic aspects of the cryostat retrofitting process will be reviewed together with a description of the software/hardware setup. This is followed by a discussion of the results derived from characterization tests, including measurements of read noise, conversion gain, full well depth, and linearity. The paper closes with a brief overview of the autonomous data reduction process and the presentation of results from photometric testing conducted on on-sky, pipeline processed data.
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Robert M. Barnsley, Helen E. Jermak, Iain A. Steele, Robert J. Smith, Stuart D. Bates, and Christopher J. Mottram "IO:I, a near-infrared camera for the Liverpool Telescope," Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems 2(1), 015002 (4 March 2016).
Published: 4 March 2016

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