Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems
VOL. 2 · NO. 3 | July 2016
Review Papers
J. Astron. Telesc. Instrum. Syst. 2(3), 030901 (11 July 2016)
TOPICS: Microchannel plates, Sensors, Detector arrays, Electrodes, Electronics, Ultraviolet radiation, Space telescopes, Space operations, Aerospace engineering, Spectrographs
Ground and Space-Based Telescopes
J. Astron. Telesc. Instrum. Syst. 2(3), 034001 (11 July 2016)
TOPICS: Mirrors, Cameras, Monochromatic aberrations, Computer generated holography, Hubble Space Telescope, Space telescopes, Telescopes, Optical design, Interferometers, Astronomical imaging
Detector Systems and Sensor Technologies
J. Astron. Telesc. Instrum. Syst. 2(3), 036001 (6 July 2016)
TOPICS: Silicon, Sensors, Imaging arrays, Tolerancing, Charge-coupled devices, Avalanche photodiodes, Signal to noise ratio, Imaging systems, Electron multiplying charge coupled devices, Solar radiation
J. Astron. Telesc. Instrum. Syst. 2(3), 036002 (2 August 2016)
TOPICS: Mercury cadmium telluride, Detector arrays, Infrared detectors, Luminescence, Sensors, Particles, Chromium, Cameras, Space telescopes, Long wavelength infrared
J. Astron. Telesc. Instrum. Syst. 2(3), 036003 (12 September 2016)
TOPICS: Quantum efficiency, Silicon, Charge-coupled devices, Ultraviolet radiation, Absorption, Sensors, Reflectivity, Aluminum, Silica, Atomic layer deposition
Observatory Systems and Operations
J. Astron. Telesc. Instrum. Syst. 2(3), 037001 (9 September 2016)
TOPICS: Gyroscopes, Fiber optic gyroscopes, Telescopes, Domes, Fiber optics, Observatories, Control systems, Computer programming, Space telescopes, Microelectromechanical systems
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