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16 June 2017 Quantifying telescope phase discontinuities external to adaptive optics systems by use of phase diversity and focal plane sharpening
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We propose and apply two methods to estimate pupil plane phase discontinuities for two realistic scenarios on the very large telescope (VLT) and Keck. The methods use both phase diversity and a form of image sharpening. For the case of VLT, we simulate the “low wind effect” (LWE) that is responsible for focal plane errors in the spectro-polarimetric high contrast exoplanet research (SPHERE) system in low wind and good seeing conditions. We successfully estimate the simulated LWE using both methods and show that they are complimentary to one another. We also demonstrate that single image phase diversity (also known as phase retrieval with diversity) is also capable of estimating the simulated LWE when using the natural defocus on the SPHERE/differential tip tilt sensor (DTTS) imager. We demonstrate that phase diversity can estimate the LWE to within 30-nm root mean square wavefront error (RMS WFE), which is within the allowable tolerances to achieve a target SPHERE contrast of 10−6. Finally, we simulate 153-nm RMS of piston errors on the mirror segments of Keck and produce NIRC2 images subject to these effects. We show that a single, diverse image with 1.5 waves (peak-to-valley) of focus can be used to estimate this error to within 29-nm RMS WFE, and a perfect correction of our estimation would increase the Strehl ratio of an NIRC2 image by 12%.
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Masen P. Lamb, Carlos Correia, Jean-François Sauvage, Jean-Pierre Véran, David R. Andersen, Arthur Vigan, Peter L. Wizinowich, Marcos A. Van Dam, Laurent Mugnier, and Charlotte Bond "Quantifying telescope phase discontinuities external to adaptive optics systems by use of phase diversity and focal plane sharpening," Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems 3(3), 039001 (16 June 2017).
Received: 1 November 2016; Accepted: 24 May 2017; Published: 16 June 2017


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