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1 August 2007 Impact assessment of Aqua MODIS band-to-band misregistration on snow index
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The MODerate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) is a key instrument for the NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) mission. It was successfully launched onboard the Terra satellite in December 1999 and Aqua satellite in May 2002. MODIS senses the Earth's surface in thirty-six spectral bands which are distributed on four Focal Plane Assemblies (FPAs): Visible (VIS), Near-Infrared (NIR), Short-and Middle-wavelength IR (SMIR), and Long-wavelength IR (LWIR). It was found from sensor pre-launch measurements that Aqua MODIS SMIR/LWIR FPAs had a large misalignment or misregistration relative to the VIS/NIR FPAs in both along-scan and along-track directions. The misregistration of the two FPA groups has remained nearly the same during its on-orbit operation. Consequently this has been a major concern for Aqua MODIS performance since it could affect the quality of MODIS products which utilize bands from both the VIS/NIR and SMIR/LWIR FPAs, for example, the snow index. This paper focuses on investigating the impact of Aqua MODIS FPA-to-FPA or band-to-band misregistration on its snow index (NDSI) derived from measurements made by VIS band 4 and SWIR band 7. Preliminary results show that shifting one pixel (500 m) forward in the along-track direction of band 7 can improve the band-to-band registration between bands 4 and 7 and, therefore, the quality of Aqua MODIS snow mapping. This study will help MODIS data users to understand the potential impact of band-to-band misregistration on MODIS science products, and also be useful for the future sensor design.
Lingli Wang, Xiaoxiong Xiong, John Jianhe Qu, Yong Xie, Xianjun Hao, and Nianzeng Che "Impact assessment of Aqua MODIS band-to-band misregistration on snow index," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 1(1), 013531 (1 August 2007).
Published: 1 August 2007

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