Journal of Biomedical Optics
VOL. 12 · NO. 1 | January 2007

JBO Letters
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 010501 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Ultrasonography, Photoacoustic imaging, Transducers, Skin, Photoacoustic microscopy, Data acquisition, Optical fibers, Imaging systems, Visualization, Photography
Research Papers
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014001 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Photodynamic therapy, Tumors, Imaging systems, Blood vessels, Content addressable memory, Tissue optics, Pulsed laser operation, Laser therapeutics, Absorption, In vivo imaging
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014002 (1 January 2007)
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014003 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Brain, Tumors, Temperature metrology, Diffusion, Monte Carlo methods, Scattering, Absorption, Photodynamic therapy, Light scattering, Optical properties
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014004 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Tissues, Phosphorescence, Luminescence, Breast, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Proteins, Lamps, Spectroscopy, Tissue optics, Cancer
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014005 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Luminescence, Polarization, Tumors, Tissues, Skin, Cancer, Skin cancer, Surgery, Mohs surgery, Tissue optics
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014006 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Image analysis, Skin, Imaging systems, Digital imaging, Lamps, Image processing, Cameras, Light sources, Biological research, Image acquisition
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014007 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Luminescence, Tongue, Tissues, Confocal microscopy, Natural surfaces, Endomicroscopy, Animal model studies, Diagnostics, Sodium, Cancer
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014008 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Tumors, Luminescence, Cancer, In vivo imaging, Quantum dots, Tissues, Imaging systems, Target detection, Spectroscopy, Fluorescence spectroscopy
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014009 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Tissue optics, Lung, 3D image processing, Heart, Signal attenuation, Microscopes, Biomedical optics, X-ray optics, Computed tomography, Image quality
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014010 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Light scattering, Scattering, Refractive index, Mie scattering, Particles, Data modeling, Absorption, Scatter measurement, Optical spheres, Spectroscopy
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014011 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Raman spectroscopy, Confocal microscopy, Crystals, Spectroscopy, In vivo imaging, Biological research, Deconvolution, Polymers, Molecular spectroscopy, Oxidation
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014012 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Diffusion, Luminescence, Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, Molecules, Microscopy, Confocal microscopy, Time resolved spectroscopy, Microscopes, Optical tweezers, Objectives
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014013 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Polarization, Luminescence, Molecules, Confocal microscopy, Objectives, Interfaces, Microscopes, Picosecond phenomena, Acquisition tracking and pointing, Signal to noise ratio
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014014 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Liver, Adhesives, Multiphoton microscopy, Luminescence, Visualization, Tissues, Mode conditioning cables, Physics, Medicine, Microscopes
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014015 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Tissues, Heart, 3D image processing, Image resolution, Tissue optics, Biology, Microscopes, Image segmentation, Stereoscopy, Imaging systems
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014016 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Optical fibers, Computer programming, Tomography, Absorption, Near infrared, Imaging arrays, Imaging systems, Diffuse optical tomography, Tissues, Signal detection
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014017 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Optical coherence tomography, Tissues, Backscatter, Signal attenuation, Biomedical optics, Skin, Near infrared, Scattering, Sapphire lasers, Interferometers
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014018 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Filtering (signal processing), Signal to noise ratio, Doppler tomography, Optical coherence tomography, Digital filtering, Signal processing, Detection and tracking algorithms, Linear filtering, Electronic filtering, Optical tracking
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014019 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Luminescence, Optical coherence tomography, Eye, Confocal microscopy, Optical filters, Angiography, Imaging systems, Absorption, Reflectivity, Light
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014020 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Refractive index, Composites, Polymerization, Composite resins, Polymers, Fourier transforms, Lamps, Interferometry, Photorefractive polymers, Particles
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014021 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Collagen, Breast, Absorption, Tissues, Biological research, Transmittance, Tissue optics, Diagnostics, Optical properties, Time resolved spectroscopy
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014022 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Prostate, Tissue optics, In vivo imaging, Absorption, Optical properties, Scattering, Photodynamic therapy, Tissues, Prostate cancer, Oxygen
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014023 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Skin, Refractive index, In vivo imaging, Ellipsometry, Tissues, Water, Absorption, Polarization, Surface roughness, Spectroscopic ellipsometry
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014024 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Plasma, Blood, Scattering, Absorption, Optical properties, Refractive index, Rayleigh scattering, Anisotropy, Monte Carlo methods, Proteins
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014025 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Tissue optics, Tissues, Absorption, Stomach, Esophagus, Scattering, Optical properties, Tumors, Photodynamic therapy, Anisotropy
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014026 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Monte Carlo methods, Reflectivity, Scattering, Optical properties, Diffusion, Optical fibers, Absorption, Collagen, Light scattering, Tissue optics
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014027 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Reconstruction algorithms, Sensors, Photoacoustic tomography, Image restoration, Image sensors, Photoacoustic spectroscopy, Acoustics, Ultrasonography, Acquisition tracking and pointing, Tissues
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014028 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Principal component analysis, Tissue optics, Tissues, Luminescence, Calibration, Cancer, Statistical analysis, Pathology, Diagnostics, Laser induced fluorescence
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014029 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Birefringence, Monte Carlo methods, Optical activity, Scattering, Polarization, Photons, Light scattering, Tissue optics, Refractive index, Glucose
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014030 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Optical properties, Scattering, Tissue optics, Sensors, Absorption, Monte Carlo methods, Tissues, Reflectivity, Detection and tracking algorithms, Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014031 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Cornea, Laser welding, Semiconductor lasers, Temperature metrology, Collagen, Laser tissue interaction, Eye models, 3D modeling, Thermal modeling, Absorption
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014032 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Diffusion, Tissues, Data modeling, Molecules, Blood, Optical fibers, Blood circulation, Electrodes, Medicine, Laser tissue interaction
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014033 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Near infrared spectroscopy, Blood circulation, Skin, Doppler effect, Blood, Cerebral blood flow, Brain, Hemodynamics, Head, Oximeters
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014034 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, Line scan image sensors, Tissues, Microfluidics, Data modeling, Blood vessels, Confocal microscopy, Imaging systems, Molecules, Mirrors
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014035 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Tissue optics, Natural surfaces, Tissues, Action potentials, Visualization, Amplifiers, Geometrical optics, Absorption, Signal detection, Solids
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014036 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Hyperspectral imaging, Oxygen, Cameras, Sensors, Spectroscopy, Ophthalmology, Retina, Oximetry, Image sensors, Absorption
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014037 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Spatial light modulators, Eye, Point spread functions, Computer programming, Wavefront sensors, Diffraction, Spatial resolution, LCDs, Liquid crystals, Phase shift keying
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014038 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Luminescence, Holography, Fluorescence spectroscopy, CCD cameras, LCDs, Signal detection, Diffractive optical elements, CCD image sensors, Holograms, Charge-coupled devices
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014039 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Image resolution, 3D image processing, 3D modeling, Biomedical optics, Objectives, Image quality, Diffraction, Cameras, Luminescence, 3D image reconstruction
J. Biomed. Opt. 12 (1), 014040 (1 January 2007)
TOPICS: Optical filters, Luminescence, Holography, Volume holography, Image filtering, Linear filtering, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Pulsed laser operation, Confocal microscopy, Semiconductor lasers
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