JMI Letters
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 030501 (26 August 2016)
TOPICS: Mammography, Tissues, Imaging systems, Tumor growth modeling, Sensors, Image transmission, Diffraction, Data modeling, Zirconium, Breast
Physics of Medical Imaging
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 033501 (7 July 2016)
TOPICS: Scattering, Optical tomography, Light sources, Sensors, Light scattering, Light, Mass attenuation coefficient, Monte Carlo methods, Inverse problems, Computed tomography
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 033502 (20 July 2016)
TOPICS: Breast, Antennas, Tissues, Prototyping, Radar, Dielectrics, Breast cancer, Scanners, Diagnostics, Mammography
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 033503 (23 August 2016)
TOPICS: Iodine, Tissues, Signal attenuation, Algorithm development, Plasma display panels, Reconstruction algorithms, Image segmentation, Bone, Magnesium, X-rays
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 033504 (26 August 2016)
TOPICS: Monte Carlo methods, Tissues, Coherence imaging, Photons, Mammography, Diffraction, Breast, Tumor growth modeling, Signal to noise ratio, Tumors
Image Processing
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 034001 (5 August 2016)
TOPICS: Ultraviolet radiation, Eye, Reliability, Photography, Analytical research, Image analysis, Sun, Image processing, Ultraviolet photography, Algorithm development
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 034002 (12 September 2016)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Macula, Blood vessels, Eye, Surgery, Databases, Retina, Image processing, Gaussian filters, Spatial filters
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 034003 (15 September 2016)
TOPICS: Medical imaging, Image segmentation, Computed tomography, Detection and tracking algorithms, Heart, Image registration, Image processing algorithms and systems, Angiography, Algorithm development, Statistical analysis
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 034004 (20 September 2016)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Heart, Blood, Binary data, Magnetic resonance imaging, 3D modeling, Image processing algorithms and systems, Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging, Data modeling, Medical imaging
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 034005 (20 September 2016)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, X-rays, X-ray imaging, Bone, Image processing algorithms and systems, Image filtering, Radiography, Gaussian filters, Medical imaging, Image quality
Computer-Aided Diagnosis
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 034501 (22 August 2016)
TOPICS: Convolutional neural networks, Feature extraction, Computer aided diagnosis and therapy, Tumors, Medical imaging, Image segmentation, Lithium, Breast, Digital imaging, Medicine
Image-Guided Procedures, Robotic Interventions, and Modeling
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 035001 (22 September 2016)
TOPICS: Automatic control, Electrodes, Computer programming, Seaborgium, Visualization, Manufacturing, Nerve, Signal processing, Surgery, Distance measurement
Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 035501 (12 July 2016)
TOPICS: Computed tomography, Signal attenuation, Signal to noise ratio, Sensors, Image filtering, X-ray computed tomography, Arteries, Imaging systems, X-rays, Medical imaging
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 035502 (21 July 2016)
TOPICS: Liver, Magnetic resonance imaging, Biopsy, Tissues, In vivo imaging, Collagen, Matrices, Data modeling, Pathology, Image resolution
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 035503 (28 July 2016)
TOPICS: Image quality, Signal detection, Statistical analysis, Systems modeling, X-ray computed tomography, Imaging systems, Data modeling, Fluctuations and noise, Matrices, Computed tomography
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 035504 (13 September 2016)
TOPICS: Breast, Tissues, Sensors, Data modeling, Performance modeling, Human subjects, Monte Carlo methods, Computer simulations, Imaging systems, Mathematical modeling
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 035505 (20 September 2016)
TOPICS: Computed tomography, Scanners, Tumors, Optical spheres, Clinical trials, Manufacturing, Sensors, Lung cancer, Calibration, Solids
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 035506 (22 September 2016)
TOPICS: Data modeling, Image quality, Model-based design, Performance modeling, Computed tomography, Statistical modeling, Eye models, Reconstruction algorithms, Medical imaging, Signal detection
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 035507 (22 September 2016)
TOPICS: Dental caries, Minerals, Signal attenuation, Optical coherence tomography, Teeth, Optical analysis, Light scattering, Scattering, Tissues, Electrodes
Biomedical Applications in Molecular, Structural, and Functional Imaging
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 036001 (10 August 2016)
TOPICS: Particles, Silicon, Magnetic resonance imaging, In vivo imaging, Ovarian cancer, Polarization, Cancer, Nanoparticles, Mouse models, Imaging systems
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 036002 (26 August 2016)
TOPICS: Performance modeling, Image segmentation, Abdomen, Spinal cord, Image registration, Image fusion, Medical imaging, Computed tomography, Image processing, Statistical analysis
Ultrasonic Imaging and Tomography
J. Med. Imag. 3(3), 037001 (8 July 2016)
TOPICS: Image registration, 3D image processing, In vivo imaging, Ultrasonography, Echocardiography, Heart, Transform theory, Data processing, MATLAB, Distance measurement
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