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Editor-in-Chief: Maryellen L. Giger, The University of Chicago, USA

The Journal of Medical Imaging (JMI) allows for the peer-reviewed communication and archiving of fundamental and translational research, as well as applications, focused on medical imaging, a field that continues to benefit from technological improvements and yield biomedical advancements in the early detection, diagnostics, and therapy of disease as well as in the understanding of normal conditions.

On the cover: The image is based on research presented in the article "What do experts look at and what do experts find when reading mammograms?" by Jeremy M. Wolfe, Chia-Chien Wu, Jonathan Li, and Sneha B. Suresh, in JMI Volume 8, Issue 4.

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Special Issue on COVID Medical Imaging Research

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Special Series on 2D and 3D Imaging: Perspectives in Human and Model Observer Performance

Guest Editors: Claudia Mello-Thoms, Craig Abbey, and Elizabeth Krupinski

Computed tomography recent history and future perspectives

Jiang Hsieh and Thomas Flohr

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from the Journal of Medical Imaging

Quick guide on radiology image pre-processing for deep learning applications in prostate cancer research

Samira Masoudi et al. (2021) Open Access

COVID-19 detection and heatmap generation in chest x-ray images

Worapan Kusakunniran et al. (2021) Open Access

Virtual clinical trials in medical imaging: a review

Ehsan Abadi et al. (2020) Open Access

Recurrent residual U-Net for medical image segmentation

Md Zahangir Alom, Chris Yakopcic, Mahmudul Hasan, Tarek M. Taha, Vijayan K. Asari (2019) Open Access

Integrating AI into radiology workflow: levels of research, production, and feedback maturity

Engin Dikici, Matthew Bigelow, Luciano M. Prevedello, Richard D. White, Barbaros S. Erdal (2020) Open Access

Deep neural network to locate and segment brain tumors outperformed the expert technicians who created the training data

Joseph Ross Mitchell et al. (2020) Open Access

Spatiotemporal feature extraction and classification of Alzheimer’s disease using deep learning 3D-CNN for fMRI data

Harshit Parmar, Brian Nutter, Rodney Long, Sameer Antani, Sunanda Mitra (2020) Open Access

Automatic mass detection in mammograms using deep convolutional neural networks

Richa Agarwal, Oliver Diaz, Xavier Lladó, Moi Hoon Yap, Robert Martí (2019) Open Access

Multiple comparison correction methods for whole-body magnetic resonance imaging

Eva Breznik, Filip Malmberg, Joel Kullberg, Håkan Ahlström, Robin Strand (2020) Open Access

Quantitative imaging feature pipeline: a web-based tool for utilizing, sharing, and building image-processing pipelines

Sarah A. Mattonen, Dev Gude, Sebastian Echegaray, Shaimaa H. Bakr, Daniel L. Rubin, Sandy Napel (2020) Open Access

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