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8 June 2012 Reflectivity enhanced two-dimensional dielectric particle array monolayer diffraction
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Very high diffraction efficiencies (>80%) were observed from two-dimensional (2-D) photonic crystals made of monolayers of ∼ 490  nm diameter dielectric polystyrene spheres arranged in a 2-D hexagonal lattice on top of a liquid mercury surface. These almost close packed 2-D polystyrene particle arrays were prepared by a self-assembly spreading method that utilizes solvent evaporation from the mercury surface. Two-dimensional arrays transferred onto a dielectric glass substrate placed on top of metal mirrors show diffraction efficiencies of over 30%, which is 6- to 8-fold larger than those of the same 2-D monolayers in the absence of mirrors. A simple single particle scattering model with refraction explains the high diffraction efficiencies in terms of reflection of the high intensity forward diffraction.
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Alexander Tikhonov, Nikolay Kornienko, Jian-Tao Zhang, Luling Wang, and Sanford A. Asher "Reflectivity enhanced two-dimensional dielectric particle array monolayer diffraction," Journal of Nanophotonics 6(1), 063509 (8 June 2012).
Published: 8 June 2012

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