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4 December 2012 Funneling of light in combinations of metal-insulator-metal resonators
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Plasmonic metal-insulator-metal resonators can totally absorb incident light. However, it is necessary to know where the incident energy is headed and which mechanism contributes to the funneling of energy. Numerical simulations have shown the concentration of light for simple resonators but other designs may allow a sharper tuning of the absorption properties. An energetic analysis was conducted with different combinations of grooves and horizontal metal-insulator-metal resonators. It showed where the energy was preferentially funneled, which highlights the possibility of photons sorting and displays the localization of the energy dissipation in such plasmonic nanoresonator. These results are giving promising design rules for multi-spectral absorbing materials.
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Paul Chevalier, Patrick Bouchon, Riad Haïdar, and Fabrice Pardo "Funneling of light in combinations of metal-insulator-metal resonators," Journal of Nanophotonics 6(1), 063534 (4 December 2012).
Published: 4 December 2012

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