VOL. 3 · NO. 4 | October 2016
NPH Letters
Neurophoton. 3(4), 040501 (1 December 2016)
TOPICS: Neurons, Infrared radiation, Luminescence, Thermography, Action potentials, Optogenetics, 3D modeling, Infrared imaging, Thermal modeling, Surface plasmons
Special Section on Super-resolution Microscopy of Neural Structure and Function
Neurophoton. 3(4), 041801 (21 December 2016)
TOPICS: Super resolution microscopy, Neuroscience, Microscopy, Super resolution, Proteins, Brain, Stimulated emission depletion microscopy, Confocal microscopy, Electron microscopy, Molecular mechanisms
Neurophoton. 3(4), 041802 (4 May 2016)
TOPICS: Scanning electron microscopy, Super resolution, Tomography, Luminescence, Proteins, Microscopy, Tissues, Lawrencium, Neurophotonics, 3D modeling
Neurophoton. 3(4), 041803 (4 May 2016)
TOPICS: Sodium, Spine, Stimulated emission depletion microscopy, Neurons, Proteins, Microscopy, Luminescence, Potassium, Molecules, Brain
Neurophoton. 3(4), 041804 (18 May 2016)
TOPICS: Neurons, Molecules, Diffusion, Particles, Proteins, Luminescence, Microscopy, Control systems, Fluorescent proteins, Neurophotonics
Neurophoton. 3(4), 041805 (3 June 2016)
TOPICS: Molecular interactions, Proteins, Receptors, Molecules, Luminescence, Microscopy, Neurons, Neurotransmitters, Calibration, Spatial resolution
Neurophoton. 3(4), 041806 (22 June 2016)
TOPICS: Spine, Stimulated emission depletion microscopy, Microscopy, Holography, Computer generated holography, Spatial light modulators, Photostimulation, Mirrors, Neurons, Objectives
Neurophoton. 3(4), 041807 (29 June 2016)
TOPICS: Proteins, Super resolution, Luminescence, In vitro testing, Microscopy, Brain, Optical imaging, Alzheimer's disease, Molecular aggregates, Neurophotonics
Neurophoton. 3(4), 041808 (12 July 2016)
TOPICS: Brain, Receptors, Neurons, Diffusion, Nanoparticles, Tissues, Quantum dots, Green fluorescent protein, Neurotransmitters, Signal to noise ratio
Neurophoton. 3(4), 041809 (3 November 2016)
TOPICS: Calcium, Diffusion, Green fluorescent protein, Neurons, Monte Carlo methods, Neurophotonics, Luminescence, Microscopes, Stimulated emission depletion microscopy, Molecules
Neurophoton. 3(4), 041810 (3 November 2016)
TOPICS: Proteins, Microscopy, Molecules, Neurons, Image segmentation, Spine, Super resolution, Stochastic processes, Optical microscopy, Neurophotonics
Neurophoton. 3(4), 041811 (15 November 2016)
TOPICS: Receptors, Proteins, Nanodomains, Synaptic transmission, Diffusion, Super resolution, Neurophotonics, Microscopy, Monte Carlo methods, Super resolution microscopy
Research Papers
Neurophoton. 3(4), 045001 (5 October 2016)
TOPICS: Hemodynamics, Near infrared spectroscopy, Brain, Near infrared, Imaging systems, Multichannel imaging systems, Neurophotonics, Surgery, Sensors, Consciousness
Neurophoton. 3(4), 045002 (6 October 2016)
TOPICS: Brain, Neuroimaging, Diffuse optical tomography, Sensors, Matrices, Neurophotonics, Near infrared spectroscopy, Functional magnetic resonance imaging, Analytical research, Data acquisition
Neurophoton. 3(4), 045003 (12 October 2016)
TOPICS: Hemodynamics, Tissue optics, Brain, Absorption, Optical imaging, Cameras, Hyperspectral imaging, Imaging systems, Calibration, Microscopes
Neurophoton. 3(4), 045004 (12 October 2016)
TOPICS: Sensors, Optical fibers, Silicon photomultipliers, In vivo imaging, Absorption, Hemodynamics, Brain, Near infrared spectroscopy, Signal detection, Electroencephalography
Neurophoton. 3(4), 045005 (17 October 2016)
TOPICS: Tissues, Oxygen, Two photon excitation microscopy, Blood, Brain, Diffusion, Phosphorescence, Natural surfaces, Capillaries, Blood circulation
Neurophoton. 3(4), 045006 (30 November 2016)
TOPICS: Brain, Photoacoustic microscopy, Acoustics, Hybrid optics, In vivo imaging, Oxygen, Laser optics, Neuroimaging, Raman spectroscopy, Single mode fibers
Neurophoton. 3(4), 045007 (30 November 2016)
TOPICS: Brain, Temperature metrology, Optogenetics, Thermal modeling, Tissues, Animal model studies, Data modeling, Cameras, Blood vessels, Thermography
Neurophoton. 3(4), 045008 (19 December 2016)
TOPICS: Hemodynamics, Near infrared spectroscopy, Brain mapping, Barium, Sensors, Neurophotonics, Functional magnetic resonance imaging, Brain, Statistical analysis, Signal detection
Neurophoton. 3(4), 045009 (23 December 2016)
TOPICS: Electroencephalography, Brain, Head, Electrodes, Skin, Data acquisition, Diffuse optical tomography, Optics manufacturing, Hemodynamics, Sensors
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