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1 March 1992 Extended-image reconstruction through horizontal path turbulence using bispectral speckle interferometry
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Results are presented from a horizontal path imaging experiment in which a 0.5-m telescope was focused on targets located at a range of 1 .2 km. The targets varied in complexity from simple binary letters to extended representations of satellites with gray scale and size variations. Imaging at a center wavelength of 0.7 μm, we found an atmospheric degradation factor of D/r0 = 17, on average. We used a slow read-rate bare CCD detector and thus had to deal effectively with additive noise in the speckle measurements. Our image reconstruction algorithms are based on the use of the complex bispectrum, and we have demonstrated diffraction-limited imaging down to light levels approaching a few photons per speckle per resolution area. We have paid careful attention to the effects of additive noise on the reconstruction process and have shown that they can be adequately overcome. These results support the feasibility of high-resolution speckle imaging of high-earth-orbit satellites using CCDs.
Taylor W. Lawrence, J. Patrick Fitch, Dennis M. Goodman, Norbert A. Massie, Robert J. Sherwood, and Erik M. Johansson "Extended-image reconstruction through horizontal path turbulence using bispectral speckle interferometry," Optical Engineering 31(3), (1 March 1992).
Published: 1 March 1992

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