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1 May 1996 Dichroic mirror design by complete admittance matching
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The application of a new admittance-matching method to the design of dichroic mirrors is presented. The method is based on the alteration of both thicknesses involved in the symmetrical period of the matching stack and provides the complete matching at the desired wavelength, i.e., both conditions for the equivalent admittance and phase thickness are fulfilled. A supplementary condition, stated for the derivative of the equivalent admittance with respect to the wavelength, produces a quasi-matching over a wide spectral range. A detailed description of the algorithm used by the computer program that performs this matching is given.
Andreea Trache, Mihai E. Trifan, Voicu Lupei, and Mihai P. Dinca "Dichroic mirror design by complete admittance matching," Optical Engineering 35(5), (1 May 1996).
Published: 1 May 1996

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