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1 February 1997 Simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature: error analysis
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Many optical fiber sensors designed to recover quasi-static strain fields in the presence of significant temperature changes have been reported in recent years. A general theoretical analysis of the influence of systematic errors associated with the measurement process is presented and applied to a range of techniques that are of current interest in the literature. The performances of measurement methods based on Bragg grating sensors, polarization-maintaining Fabry–Pe´ rot interferometers, combined dual-mode interference/polarimetry sensors, and dispersive Fourier transform spectroscopy measurements are contrasted with respect to the influence of measurement error, calibration error, cross talk, and engineering practicality.
Wei Jin, W. Craig Michie, Graham Thursby, Maria Konstantaki, and Brian Culshaw "Simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature: error analysis," Optical Engineering 36(2), (1 February 1997).
Published: 1 February 1997

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